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The Best Whittling Knives

My only concern with the knife is the overall length of the blade being a little too long for detailed carving. This can be remedied by cutting the blade back a little and is done by many people on YouTube . I personally like the No. 7 as the handle fits my hand properly and the blade isn’t too long. For the price, Drake knives are very hard to beat. They are exceptionally well made tools that are beautifully crafted from tip to handle.

helvie wood carving tools

Lyons carving knive are very nice to work with as are Deepwood Vinture knives. My preference for Helvie has been their selection of shapes and sizes of handles. I think they are all comparable in blade quality. And as Soggy pointed out some do fine work with a box cutter. If there are any carving groups or clubs with in a comfortable drive it may be worth your time to visit one.

Selling this awesome wood carving tools in good condition as you can observe in the pictures with no details , feel free to contac me for anything, I would be glad to respond. If you are looking for what many consider to be the pinnacle of premium whittling and wood carving knives, Helvie is the way to go. Helvie knives make a fine knife and yes the noticeable characteristic is the flexibility. I recently took advantage of the current demand for Helvie and one on eBay for just shy of $200. I’m not going to be your source for a knife recommendation my favorite knives are B.K.Thurman and Diobsud Forge. Both have been out of production for a decade or more.

Pcs Best Woodcarving Tool Kit With Sharpening St

They have a large selection of different tools to choose from and sell complete wood carving kits that provide you with the tools you need, a way to maintain those tools, plus a way to store them for under $45. Each tool comes with a super sharp and well made blade that is perfectly suited for beginners to experts. They come right to you with a professionally honed, razor sharp, blade and just hold their edge for a long time.

Used, Carving, Engraving

Brian T, it sounds like working the steel cold produces a decent blade. I was concerned that I would have to get into some form of heat treatment which introduces a higher level of danger and complication for a garage project. I first saw a Mocotaugan knife manufacture process on a YouTube video by a UK knife maker named Ben Orford.

That combined with their excellent steel quality and handle finish, makes it a hard tool to pass up. Wood carving involves razor-sharp blades in motion, as well as the occasional flying chip of wood. Always protect yourself to avoid serious injury. Wear safety goggles to keep stray shavings from landing in your eyes. Also, pay attention to the sharp edge and do not put any body parts in front of the sharp edge. You have the greatest control of the tool with both hands on the tool, and if both of your hands are on the tool, you cannot cut your hands.

For me, a big part was the size and shape of the handle to fit me alone. Since you are looking for a flexier knife, a very rough rule of thumb might be to look for a thinner blade. Differences in composition and in heat treatment make this a not very good rule of thumb across different knife manufacturers but it might be helpful for comparing blades from one manufacturer. That is how I ended up with the Floyd Rhadigan.

Possibly, the only real complaint that I have is the Stub Sloyd does not currently come with a sheath, which Flexcut sells separately for $17 to $20. However the regular sloyd knife does come with a sheath, but costs a little more than the stub sloyd by itself. One of the only things that I wasn’t fond of with the BeaverCraft knives are the blade thicknesses on most of their tools.

The first knives on the list are what I believe are the absolute best whittling and wood carving knives currently on the market. These are considered by experienced whittlers and wood carvers to be premium whittling knives that are hand made with meticulous attention to detail and decades of experience. But there are a number of fine knife makers out there.

I’ve seen D-adzes made from axe heads cut in half, lengthwise. I use a tennis ball as a mandrel to hone my carving adzes. A century ago, these blades might have been cut to shape with a hack saw and a file. I have an angle grinder if I ever get the motivation to cut Ulu an Umialik from a 10″ saw blade. It should be an enjoyable experience to fumble around with wood and metal.

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