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ROSE-LOGOConnected Hum Tum was a first of its kind, cutting edge prime-time TV series which was made by the creative team of Parodevi Pictures for the highly mainstream entertainment channel Zee TV. Six real women, who were at emotional crossroads were trained to use a Handycam to record their private lives as they tried to resolve their dilemmas and arrive at a decision. The video-dairies had a magic, rainy-day quality — a little blue, a little happy, wholly life-affirming.


Madhavi, a twice-divorced 54 year old had recently re-connected with her first husband, who wanted to consider a reunion. She herself, was tempted, but uncertain – worth looking back, or best to move on?


Mahima, a 24 year old from Meerut wanted to escape the constricting expectations of conservative small-town life – and to make her parents respect her choices. But the only way she could think of doing this was by becoming a TV actress in Bombay, something that further alienated her parents. Would they be able to resolve this issue?


Malishka, an ambitious, successful radio jockey in her mid-30s, enjoyed success and singleness. She was falling in love –but she was too scared to give in and resisting it like crazy.


Sonal, a lesbian activist had a girlfriend, Janu, who wasn’t out to her parents. Sonal feared she might lose Janu to parental pressure for marriage, if Janu couldn’t brave coming out – she felt paralysed by this.


Preeti, a 33 year old dentist and belly dancer, felt that being independent seemed to mean she and her husband had hardly any common life. She felt neglected and was struggling to reconnect with her husband without turning into a ‘clingy’ stereotype.


Pallavi, a 28 year old brand manager had had an ugly divorce. She was engaged to marry for a second time – and determined to make it work. But the first year of marriage was full of unexpected pressures of traditional and modern expectations.

Over 65 themed episodes shot for one year, with no intervention in shooting from us, these women arrived at life-altering decisions. The show went to startling, truthful and intimate places Indian television had never gone before, despite the flood of reality television in the last decade. Their lives and decisions became a spectrum of experiences about the intimate lives of contemporary urban women in Bombay city.

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