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Filling The World With Love and Insight

A girl, a Goddess and Unlimited Girls

ROSE-LOGOParodevi Pictures began as Devi Pictures in 1995. In the custom writing last 20 years, it has created domyhomework a distinctive style that always hits the pleasure buttons – both in your head and your heart.


Founder Paromita Vohra has been a filmmaker, writer, teacher, actor, art curator and relentless Antakshari winner for 25 years. Her distinctive aesthetic has been admired across the world and her films screened at places like film festivals (Women’s Film Festival in Seoul, IFFLA, Festival dei Popoli, Film South Asia Kathmandu) and art spaces (the Tate Modern, London; the Wellcome Art Gallery, London; Bonn Biennale, Bonn, and the National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi). From her very first film, she created forms that are feminist, that embody the feminist eye turned upon the world.


Parodevi Pictures has consistently broken new ground, in content and form. The production house has presented 10 highly successful documentaries, many of which are considered landmarks in Indian documentary practice. Vohra’s 2002 film Unlimited Girls changed the way documentary cinema was made and imagined in India. Unlimited Girls and the films that followed created a uniquely Indian, characteristically intimate form of filmmaking and seeded important ideas of media, gender, feminism, urban life and equality in public (and private) narratives. Our films addressed issues that have since obsessed the country. We were, for instance, the first to research and discuss the issue of women and public toilets (Q2P, 2006) and the first to bring the phrase ‘love jihad’ into the public domain (Morality TV and the Loving Jihad, 2011).


Parodevi Pictures has since made an extraordinary body of truth-telling, kinetic and intensely sensuous films, online videos, art installations and television programming going effortlessly from the mainstream to the alternative. It also regularly holds media programs and youth, film and media workshops. It has collaborated on cultural productions at three editions of the World Social Forum. Parodevi Pictures’ multimedia work has won several awards (Best Documentary, IFFLA, Los Angeles, 2007; Best Documentary, Bollywood and Beyond, Stuttgart, 2007; Women’s News Award, WFFIS, Seoul, 2006; Best Short Documentary at the International Video Festival of Kerala, 2008; Best Documentary, Ladakh International Film Festival) and is now studied in university syllabi around the world (Brandeis University, NYU, Berkley, Yale, Cambridge).


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New beginnings

Parodevi Pictures’ latest collaboration was the pioneeringROSE-LOGO primetime television show Connected Hum Tum (2013), where our creative team worked with UTV & Zee TV.


In the show, six regular (yet oh so irregular) women in Mumbai, each stuck at a personal crossroads, filmed their private lives for one year. Over 65 themed episodes, the six women – the queer activist, the belly-dancing dentist, the radio jockey, the aspiring actor, the young woman on the verge of a second marriage, the middle-aged woman who doesn’t want her ex-husband to be on the verge – arrive at life-altering decisions. The show went to startling, truthful and intimate places Indian television had never gone before, despite the flood of reality television in the last decade.

What are we up to right now?

ROSE-LOGOParodevi Pictures continues to create films and other media works, which creates a world outside of absolute truths and absolute certitudes. The in-house culture of continuous experimentation with form has continued from cinema into new media. We are working with documentary in a host of new spaces with a full party of other collaborators. We are most excited about a youth media project we are calling *drumroll* Agents of Ishq. Watch this space for more juice.

Documentary Film

We specialize in documentary work where complex concepts are made accessible, relatable and engaging. Our style is innovative, humorous, reflective.

Long form and short form digital film

As much as we enjoy the relaxed expansiveness of feature-length cinema, we must admit a weakness for the short: the lost art of the music video, perfectly-formed short fiction and the quick bite of feminist satire.

Multimedia Content and Media Campaign Production

Text and picture, animation, audio, games – we devise creative communication ideas in every form you have heard of and some you haven’t heard of yet.


You have a beautiful, sensational, earth-shattering idea. Or the germ of an idea. But something is just not working. You are now depressed and oppressed. You are, in short, blocked. Whether you need a workshop designed or a special one-on-one session with Paromita, Parodevi Pictures offers consulting services in creative strategies for best communicating your ideas and content.

Non-Fiction Writing

Intelligent, well-researched, lucid, accessible short and long-form writing on culture, politics, gender, popular culture, love and sex.


Paromita Vohra
Boss, Etc

Paromita is a filmmaker, writer and generally curious cat who believes in the politics of art, the beauty of intelligence, the poetry of work, and in checking out the cutting edge, creating and growing spaces for honest reflection, fearless experimentation, collaboration and friendship as a way to change the world.

Deepika Sharma
Creative Associate

Deepika Sharma is a default partner in crime in most projects at Parodevi Pictures. She is a documentary filmmaker, line producer for international non-fiction documentaries and television series. She loves her everyday life photo taking and her current street jazz dance class.

Afrah Shafiq
Creative Associate

Afrah is into multimedia, video, illustration, and nail polish. She works on all things front to back-end at Parodevi Pictures.

Aditi Maddali
Creative Assistant

Aditi Maddali is the youngest of the Parodevi family. She grew up wanting to be like Batman until she found feminism and became a mini devi. Everything she does is only to fullfill her two biggest wishes- write a book in Telugu and learn to communicate with dogs.